Flirting – How to Pick Up Women By Being Bold

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Flirting – How to Pick Up Women By Being Bold


You often find yourself INVISIBLE to the really HOT women you desire.

They don’t notice what you’ve really got.

You can’t break through.

You are just another guy walking up to say hi.

Just another face, another half-hearted attempt.  Zero excitement.

So they never see who you really are beneath the surface.

In fact, there are 5 MAKE OR BREAK MOMENTS where women sense whether you are “bold” and will make their life more exciting…

… or if you’re needy, insecure in any way, timid and boring.

With all the noise in the world today  you need to STARTLE a woman into taking notice of you.

… and have FUN doing it.

Recent studies show that being bold is the 1# attractor for women.

She will love your for it. And you will feel free, powerful and more attractive to women than you ever have.

Bold means unpredictable.

Bold means risk-taking.

Bold means having a “sovereign self.”

If you’re not BOLD,  you don’t get her excited about you.

If you’re not BOLD, you’re not electrifying beautiful woman.

Which is a WASTE.

Boldness awakens the primal desires of women.

You need these skills.  And you need them sharp and up to date.




Pick Up Lines – How To Pick Up Women Like James Bond

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Pick Up Lines – How To Pick Up Women Like James Bond


James Bond exudes confidence. We all know that.

James Bond exudes sex appeal. We all know that.

But what is the real reason why he gets laid?

Sean Connery still to this day is the best James Bond, but I’ve got to tell you Daniel Craig is definitely giving him a run for his money.

Sean Connery in Thunderball didn’t even have to open his mouth to attract women. That’s how good he was.

And, that’s what you need. It’s the unwritten language of love. See, most guys think that it was the words that Bond used to get him laid.

But it’s not. It was the way he stood, it was the way he projected confidence. It was the way he walked into a room.

You can watch Thunderball with no sound, and you can still see why Bond got laid.

95% of what we do is non-verbal. Before you even open your mouth, a woman has decided whether or not she wants to get to know you just by the way you walk over to her.

Powerful men understand this. And that’s why they get laid just like James Bond—without the Aston Martin or the Golden Gun.

Weak men think it’s the words or the lines or how many times you can beg her in the first 3 minutes of conversation. And that’s why weak men spend their nights masturbating to the glow of a computer screen.

Powerful men understand the walk, the eye contact, and the body language that exudes from guys like Sean Connery when he was in his hay day, and Daniel Craig in the new Bond movie.

It’s time you got that down in your life.

I want to create a whole legion of powerful men to unleash on the lonely women of the world.

Forget all that weak shit.

Purge weakness from your body and mind.

Grab the Men’s Mastery Series—now:


How To Impress A Girl – The Law Of Confidence

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How To Impress A Girl – The Law Of Confidence


Let me tell you a little bit about Confidence.

Confidence is this cool guy. He’s a really great guy in all ways.

Confidence is now on fire.

He goes to a gym, hangs out, works with women, gets them to go into the sauna and steam room with them, and basically has sex right there, in the gym.

But he got caught.

That’s right. He got reprimanded by the powers that be in the gym.

They actually sat him down and told him that this behavior is not something they want or need at their place of business.

You know what’s funny? He got reprimanded but he now has the reputation of “that guy that gets laid in the gym”. This has actually increased his success with the women there.

Oh that’s right. Breaking the rules is such a turn-on for women.

Women love when a guy breaks the rules: when you speed a little bit in your car; when you challenge another man in front of them; when you drink but don’t actually pay for the drink at the bar and look at her with a little wink—simple little things like that actually turn a woman on.

Because all women want to be with a rebel.

So now my friend Confidence has—I’m sure—every single woman who works at the gym lusting after him, because he’s the rule breaker.

He basically said, “Fuck the rules. I’m going to have sex in your sauna and steam room with whomever I want.”

It’s all about breaking the rules. It’s all about creating a reputation because life is just a giant hi gh school and that’s it.

What have you done to break the rules, and do you have the balls enough to break them?

I’ve got something here that will show you how to break the rules and become that man that makes women wet with desire:

See ya,



Pick Up Lines – How to Avoid Being Cock-Block​ed

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Pick Up Lines – How to Avoid Being Cock-Block​ed


How many times have you gone to a bar, seen a great looking girl, and came up with something clever to say.

You huddle up with one of your buddies. He gives you a pep talk.

You text another friend. He tells you that you’re the man.

So you walk over, you’re feeling positive, you’re feeling great, you’ve got a smile on your face.

You open her up.

She responds.

She starts laughing.

The conversation flows, and everything seems to be going great…

But then, all of a sudden, another guy comes over and cockblocks you.

Sure enough, no matter how great the conversation was, he found a way to take it over.

You see, the guys that cockblock are assholes.

They do it because it’s a challenge to them. They’re not really interested in the women altogether, they just see another guy there and they want to win.

It’s almost like that guy that would tease you when you were a kid just to do it to make himself look bigger.

They’re bullies, and they’re bullies from the day that they were born.

So how do you out-bully a bully?

How do you get rid of the cockblocker?

How do you make the cockblocker run away with his balls in his hand and the woman feeling like she’s with the right guy?

It’s simple. It’s easy, and it’s all in here:

Good day,



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Flirting – How to Approach A Group Of Women

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Flirting – How to Approach A Group Of Women


Subject: How do I approach a group of attractive women?

What does it matter what they look like?

Women are women and “attractive” is subjective.

This is something I want you guys to really get through your brains.

I may find some woman incredibly attractive, and you may not. You may find a woman really hot, and I may not. Different strokes for different folks. (Yes, that was a pun.)

So the first step is to stop ranking women by attractiveness––women are women. They’re wired the same way inside. And they’ve got the same moods, the same emotions, and the same crazy talking styles that drive men nuts.

And when you got a group of them together, they’re all there talking in she-talk, as I call it, or women language. Sometimes it sounds like a foreign language.

So let me ask you: can you approach women who are alone? Because you need to build your confidence up that way first. You need to really understand how to talk to a woman, how to connect to her, how to build a conversation, how to listen, how to have a great conversation, and how to ask a woman out before you worry about getting into a group of women.

You see, a guy that can’t approach a woman alone is going to fail miserably with a group, because it’s going to be too intimidating and too overwhelming.

So my first step always has been to get good at approaching women alone. When you’re good at that, then you can approach a group of women the same exact way.

Just make an observation on something that you see. Eavesdrop during a conversation and add something in.

Do it at a restaurant. Be playful and ask them for a bite of an appetizer or something if you’re sitting next to them.

There are so many different ways, but the way to do it is the exact same way that you would if she were solo: observe something you can connect with at that moment and go in there and talk about it.

So life is about observing a moment, connecting in that moment, listening, and taking that conversation other places based on what she says.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a group of women, it doesn’t matter how attractive you think they are.




Talk to you soon,



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Pick Up Lines – Are They Necessary?

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Pick Up Lines – Are They Necessary?


No, pick up lines are not necessary.

Did you ever wonder what it takes to really intrigue a woman when you approach her?  I mean, what is it that women REALLY want a guy to do when he walks up and talks to her? And no, it’s not to give her any pick up lines.

Ever wonder what makes women respond positively to one guy who approaches  them … and respond, uh – not so positively to another?  Well wonder no more!

There is something ALL women crave in any meeting they have with a man.  It’s the men who understand this who are the men who become UNFORGETTABLE to women, and are the men women can’t wait to tell all their friends about over and over again!

So what is this thing?  I’m going to tell you right now, so keep reading.

Women are always talking about one thing.  If you go out with a group of women and one of them has a new boyfriend, they are ALWAYS always talking about this one thing.

Let’s say the new boyfriend is meeting the group of friends for the first time.  Everyone has been introduced politely, and then all of a sudden one of the friends will ask, “So how did you guys meet? Tell us the story!”

They have probably heard the story at least a thousand times, BUT they want to keep hearing it.  WHY?  Because they want it to happen to them.

No, they don’t want THAT guy to happen to them.  They want THAT ROMANCE to happen to them. Women are all about this great romance.

So the woman will start this long story: “Oh, I was in Borough Market waiting in line at Monmouth Coffee Company like I do every single Saturday.  All of a sudden this cute guy and I ordered a latte at the very same time. I looked at him and he said to me, ‘Jinx!’ I laughed, and then we both got our coffees …”

It’s the kind of story that they tell a million times. “Oh my God, I was in the market buying my usual tea, and I dropped the box. This guy picked it up for me and told me I was a klutz, and he hasn’t stopped calling me that since!”

So are you starting to get it?  It’s ALL about the story to women.  They want to have that story to tell their friends all the time about “that guy.”

Do you want to stand out from all the OTHER guys who walk up to women saying the same boring FORGETTABLE things?  Do YOU want to be the guy that women are wanting to tell a story about over and over again?

Of course you do.  So when you meet women when you’re out and about, be ready to tell that story.  Be ready to BE that story.  You will be a legend.

If you meet her in line at Monmouth Coffee Company, she will text her friends all day long saying, “You won’t believe what happened to me at the market today! I met this guy…”  And the story will go from there.

For women, a romance starts from the second that you meet.  I went out with someone recently who remembered exactly where we met.  She also remembered what day of the week it was and what was going on around town that day.  Women remember details like that.

Men don’t remember things that way.  Well, actually we don’t remember a LOT.  Ask any man how he met his girlfriend, and you’ll get an answer something like  “I don’t know, we just kind of met.”

What you have to remember is that women are WIRED DIFFERENTLY, so when you meet her you want to create that romantic moment for her RIGHT from the start.  It’s all about creating an emotion when you first meet a woman.

The way you walk. The way you talk.  The first words that come out of your mouth.  THESE are the things that a woman will ALWAYS remember … and what determines if you will be that unforgettable guy.

But here’s the WHOLE KEY to this…

It’s NOT what you say, it’s HOW you say it!  Create that romantic moment for a woman with your words, and you will be amazed at the response you’ll get.

Go for it,



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Easy Way To Approach Attract Meet Flirt With Talk To Girls Women On The Street

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Easy Way To Approach Attract Meet Flirt With Talk To Girls Women On The Street


Subject: How To Meet Women On The Street

You want to know a quick easy way to meet women on the street?

My friend David —the nation’s leading dating expert and inspiration for the movie Hitch—came up with a great one.

Okay, ready?

Race them.

Oh yes, that’s right. You heard me correct. He says that you should race them.

And he’s not talking about running down the street like a maniac, looking at them and saying, “Race me. Let’s go running.”

No, not talking about that.

The next time you see a woman standing at a street corner next to you, he wants you to do this:

Look directly at her and smile. Then do a little stretching, like you’re stretching your leg, or your hamstrings, whatever it might be.

Then look at her again and say, “I’ll race you across the street. Come on. Winner buys the other one a cup of coffee.”

Make it fun. Smile when you do this. Be playful.

Apparently, David does this all the time. Women start cracking up, and they have such a great time with it because you’re being different.

That’s what it’s all about. It’s about being different. It’s about being a guy that they’ve never met before.

“What about pick up lines?” you ask.

Forget about those.

It’s not about what you say, it’s about being fun.

Most guys don’t have fun when they go and meet women, and that’s the reason why they never get the girl.

It’s time you became that fun guy—that guy that women can’t resist.

It’s time you understood that.

David came up with a great course that shows you how to be that guy. I highly suggest that you race to this link right now:

Talk to you soon,



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