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Pick Up Lines – How To Pick Up Women Like James Bond

Pick Up Lines – How To Pick Up Women Like James Bond


James Bond exudes confidence. We all know that.


James Bond exudes sex appeal. We all know that.

But what is the real reason why he gets laid?

Sean Connery still to this day is the best James Bond, but I’ve got to tell you Daniel Craig is definitely giving him a run for his money.

Sean Connery in Thunderball didn’t even have to open his mouth to attract women. That’s how good he was.

And, that’s what you need. It’s the unwritten language of love. See, most guys think that it was the words that Bond used to get him laid.

But it’s not. It was the way he stood, it was the way he projected confidence. It was the way he walked into a room.

You can watch Thunderball with no sound, and you can still see why Bond got laid.

95% of what we do is non-verbal. Before you even open your mouth, a woman has decided whether or not she wants to get to know you just by the way you walk over to her.

Powerful men understand this. And that’s why they get laid just like James Bond—without the Aston Martin or the Golden Gun.

Weak men think it’s the words or the lines or how many times you can beg her in the first 3 minutes of conversation. And that’s why weak men spend their nights masturbating to the glow of a computer screen.

Powerful men understand the walk, the eye contact, and the body language that exudes from guys like Sean Connery when he was in his hay day, and Daniel Craig in the new Bond movie.

It’s time you got that down in your life.

I want to create a whole legion of powerful men to unleash on the lonely women of the world.

Forget all that weak shit.

Purge weakness from your body and mind.

Grab the Men’s Mastery Series—now:



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