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Flirting – How to Pick Up Women By Being Bold

December 28, 2012 Leave a comment

Flirting – How to Pick Up Women By Being Bold


You often find yourself INVISIBLE to the really HOT women you desire.

They don’t notice what you’ve really got.

You can’t break through.

You are just another guy walking up to say hi.

Just another face, another half-hearted attempt.  Zero excitement.

So they never see who you really are beneath the surface.

In fact, there are 5 MAKE OR BREAK MOMENTS where women sense whether you are “bold” and will make their life more exciting…

… or if you’re needy, insecure in any way, timid and boring.

With all the noise in the world today  you need to STARTLE a woman into taking notice of you.

… and have FUN doing it.

Recent studies show that being bold is the 1# attractor for women.

She will love your for it. And you will feel free, powerful and more attractive to women than you ever have.

Bold means unpredictable.

Bold means risk-taking.

Bold means having a “sovereign self.”

If you’re not BOLD,  you don’t get her excited about you.

If you’re not BOLD, you’re not electrifying beautiful woman.

Which is a WASTE.

Boldness awakens the primal desires of women.

You need these skills.  And you need them sharp and up to date.




Flirting – How to Approach A Group Of Women

December 7, 2012 Leave a comment

Flirting – How to Approach A Group Of Women


Subject: How do I approach a group of attractive women?

What does it matter what they look like?

Women are women and “attractive” is subjective.

This is something I want you guys to really get through your brains.

I may find some woman incredibly attractive, and you may not. You may find a woman really hot, and I may not. Different strokes for different folks. (Yes, that was a pun.)

So the first step is to stop ranking women by attractiveness––women are women. They’re wired the same way inside. And they’ve got the same moods, the same emotions, and the same crazy talking styles that drive men nuts.

And when you got a group of them together, they’re all there talking in she-talk, as I call it, or women language. Sometimes it sounds like a foreign language.

So let me ask you: can you approach women who are alone? Because you need to build your confidence up that way first. You need to really understand how to talk to a woman, how to connect to her, how to build a conversation, how to listen, how to have a great conversation, and how to ask a woman out before you worry about getting into a group of women.

You see, a guy that can’t approach a woman alone is going to fail miserably with a group, because it’s going to be too intimidating and too overwhelming.

So my first step always has been to get good at approaching women alone. When you’re good at that, then you can approach a group of women the same exact way.

Just make an observation on something that you see. Eavesdrop during a conversation and add something in.

Do it at a restaurant. Be playful and ask them for a bite of an appetizer or something if you’re sitting next to them.

There are so many different ways, but the way to do it is the exact same way that you would if she were solo: observe something you can connect with at that moment and go in there and talk about it.

So life is about observing a moment, connecting in that moment, listening, and taking that conversation other places based on what she says.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a group of women, it doesn’t matter how attractive you think they are.




Talk to you soon,



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Learn How To Approach Attract Meet Talk To Flirt With Pick Up Girls Women In Bars

November 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Learn How To Approach Attract Meet Talk To Flirt With Pick Up Girls Women In Bars


Tell me if this sounds at all familiar to you (although I’m betting the answer is YES).  You go out to a bar because you want to meet women, BUT once you’re there you always STRUGGLE to come up with something to say.

To be more specific, you really struggle because you are not sure what is the RIGHT thing to say to the women you want to meet.  Am I right?

Well, you are CERTAINLY not alone in this. In fact, this is probably one of the MOST COMMON things that guys struggle with in meeting women.

I have news for you, and it’s just a fact of meeting women in bars: Most women will do nothing. They will check a guy out a bunch of times, but will rarely ever talk to (or even say hello to) a guy.

So where does this leave you? Don’t worry – you just need to realize this fact and come up with a whole different approach.

I’m not kidding. And I’m going to give you one of my FAVORITE TIPS for how to EASILY approach women in a bar.

You will love this one…

How many times have you been out at night, and a group of women are taking those ridiculous digital camera pictures? I know you’ve seen them…

I mean really, how many pictures do women need of they and their friends drinking? I know most women love putting these pictures up on their online dating profile.

===> Extra Tip: These kind of pictures, by the way, are really poor choices to put on your profile, because if you put up three pictures of you getting sloshed when in fact you don’t really drink that often, this will tend to cause a disconnect somewhere. Not only that, but when I look at pictures of women (or men) drinking in their online profile, especially if they have more than one of those kind of pictures, I don’t see “fun person” … I see “lush.”

But I digress…

Here is how to have a fun time with those party girls with the digital camera, and how to be able to approach them EASILY at the same time.  A way to approach beautiful women that’s easy and fun — sounds pretty good, right?

So here’s how you do it…

I was out with a friend the other night, and we saw one of these groups of girls taking pictures of themselves with their digital camera.  My friend said to me “I am going to go over there and take their picture.”

I said “No, no, no … You don’t want to be a photographer. Everybody uses that approach. You need to walk over and say ‘Let me take your picture’ just like you were going to, but you need to add one more element after you’ve finished taking their picture.”

Then I described to him a BETTER way to approach this situation.  I told him “Hand the camera to one of her friends and say ‘Now take a picture of all of you with me.’

Stand in the middle of the group for the picture and put your arms around the two girls next to you. When you’re there, follow-up very quickly and say to both of them, ‘Now you can tell your friends that I was the crazy guy you slept with that night.’

One of them is going to respond, if not both, and they are going to laugh. You’re then going to say ‘You better tell your friends that I was good.’  Then you start talking about the great sex that you had with her.”

Then I sent my friend over to try it with that group of girls.  This is a far more interesting approach then just taking their picture. It also just leads to much more fun stories, especially when people are drunk and having fun.

So try this approach the next time you’re out.  You might be surprised how EASY and fun it can be to approach women.

If you want to not only learn how to create YOUR OWN unique approaches in the places YOU go every day, and how to be able to approach ANY woman you want with TOTAL CONFIDENCE every time, then you need to go to this site right now:


Flirting – How To Approach Meet Talk To Attract Impress Flirt With Pick Up A Girl Woman

November 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Flirting – How To Approach Meet Talk To Attract Impress Flirt With Pick Up A Girl Woman


Flirting Attraction Momentum

I have a concept, and it goes like this . . . There’s a kind of build-up of flirting attraction that happens when a man and a woman meet. You could say that the more flirting happens, the more attraction it creates. This process happens very differently for men than it does for women. For men, it can happen instantly, and be over instantly. For women, it tends to build up over time, and then go away over time. I call this concept: “FLIRTING ATTRACTION MOMENTUM.”

Men are very visual and they are instantly attracted to a woman, sometimes so much so that they lose all sense of reality and their surroundings.  Women are initially attracted to a man’s looks, but beyond that something else is also happening.  Women are also attracted to a man’s energy, confidence, the tone of his voice, and the way he listens when they speak.

A woman’s attraction to a man is complicated, while a man is overstimulated on the visual side like a giant Scooby Doo.  To attract a man, a woman needs to be able to seduce his eyes with her sex appeal.  To attract a woman, a man needs to intrigue and seduce her mind.

This is where men lose the connection.  They tend to try to “wow” a woman in the same way they would go about trying to impress a fellow man.

Let me go further into this.  A good woman friend once told me “The more a man speaks, the drier I get. I wish sometimes he would not say a word so I can remain turned on and attracted to him.”  This is the cold hard truth.  Most men have no idea that in order to create attraction, they need to shut up and listen.

Men tend to try to close a woman by selling themselves to her.  What happens in reality, however, is that the more they sell the less the attraction to them becomes.  Men are what I call “wing flappers.” They think that by trying to impress a woman with their life accomplishments, they will seduce her and attract her . . . which is far from the truth.

The key to attracting women and creating the “flirting attraction momentum” is a 3 step process.

Step 1 is the initial approach.  Women can see you coming from a mile away.  They smell you, and if they are attracted to you they want you to approach them.  But it is the way you approach that will cause the flirting attraction momentum to either rise or fall.

Men that walk over immediately are ones who tend to be received well by women.  Ask any woman what her feelings are about the way a man approaches, and she will tell you that if she hears the “Jaws” theme playing in her head she will lose any of the initial attraction that she was feeling.  Most men tend to circle like sharks for hours before they approach, and by the time they finally do approach the woman is turned off by him.

What happens next, i.e., Step 2, is another attraction key that will either raise her level of interest or decrease the attraction.

Most men will talk at a woman with random thoughts.  Men tend to speak in random circles . . . That works in the man world.  Take the following example.  Two men are sitting in a café watching a game on TV.  This is how a conversation would typically go:

Man 1: “You  hungry?”

Man 2: “Yes.”

Man 1: “Wow!  Did you see that throw?”

Man 2: “Yes, that was great.  Hey . . . Check her out!”

Man 1: “Hot!”

Man 2: “Yeah, really hot.  So, how’s work?”

Man 1: “Good. And you?”

Man 2: “Good.  What do you want to eat?”

Man 1: “Sandwich maybe . . . Wow!  Look at that play.”

Man 2: “Forget the play.  Look at her!”

Man 1: “Hot.”

Man 2: “Yeah, I think I want a sandwich too. Let’s order.”

So now that you’ve seen what “man talk” looks like, let’s look at the conversation of two women in the same café so you can understand how women react to each other and how they speak to one another.

Women 1: “How was your date last night?”

Women 2: “It was ok.”

Women 1: “Just ok?  Why?  What happened?”

Women 2: “He was really funny, but …”

Women 1: “But what?”

Women 2: “He did something when the waitress came over that  really made me think.”

Women 1: “What did he do?  Was he checking her out?”

Women 2: “I am not sure.  I have been running it through my head,  and I just can’t  get a reading on it.”

Women 1: “Details please!  Let’s  figure this out . . .”

Do you see the difference?  Women get deeper in one conversation,  while men talk in random circles eventually getting back to the original conversation.

So now you can see how flirting attraction momentum works.  Men need to learn the trigger points in women . . . how they think, how they react, and how they speak.  Most men will talk to a woman in “man talk” and when they do,  they will cause the flirting attraction momentum to go down instead of up.

For every woman that is sitting in a café reading the newspaper, there is a man thinking that he can just walk over to her with some canned line and a few follow-up questions.  Men believe that there is an approach that will work in all situations, or that there are custom approaches that will work regardless of what she says.  It’s that mindset that kills all attraction for women, yet men think that there is some magic approach that will work in all situations.

Men will actually spend time looking for someone who can give them that answer, that “magic approach,” so they will be attractive to all women in all situations.  Men will use an approach over and over, memorizing it so they can perform it in front of a woman.  The truth is that women are looking to connect with a man . . . not to watch a one man show.

That alone will kill the flirting attraction momentum for women.  Women are present in the moment whereas men think about what they have to say.

So let’s see how the flirting attraction momentum is killed in a café . . . and this is after a woman has smiled and checked out the man.

Man:  “Can I borrow a section of your paper?”

Woman: “Yes, you can.”

Man:  “Are you having a good day?”

Woman: “Yes I am . . . but this story about Iraq is really disturbing.”

Man:  “Do you live here?”

Woman: “Yes . . . around the corner.  I love this area.”

Man:  “What do you do for work?”

See, a man walks over and he has these predetermined questions that he wants to ask her already in his mind.  And not once did he pick up on anything that she was saying, which in turn is causing the firting attraction momentum to go down as each word comes out of his mouth.  Because they don’t listen, men tend to kill the attraction once they open their mouths.  Step 3, therefore, is to remain present in the moment and to listen to what a woman is saying.

There are also many other ways a man can kill attraction.

Another way that a man kills the flirting attraction momentum is when he looks at a woman like a desperate, hungry wolf staring at its next meal.  Or when he’s out with a hungry testosterone-laden wolf pack, he will poke a friend five times before talking to a woman.  Women don’t communicate like hungry wolves about to eat a meal.

Women communicate in a whole different language.  When they look at a man, they admire a man.  They don’t look at him like he’s about to be put on the grill.

Women like to be looked at a certain way in order to build attraction.  By looking at a woman with a very seductive, sexy, George Clooney smile, you will be able to turn her on in ways you’ve never imagined!  In order for attraction to build in a woman, you need to do it slowly and seductively.  You also need to jump into her head and start a conversation based on thoughts she’s already having.  So  . . . how do yo do this?

First, you need to observe what she’s doing so you can jump into her head when you talk to her.  This way, the conversation is based on something she’s already feeling or doing so it’s natural.  Most men will walk over to a woman and do the exact opposite like the example above.  In a second, I am going to show you a conversation that you can have anywhere that will get you to bond with a woman and create far greater attraction than you’ve ever had before.

The second tip before we go through that conversation, is to keep present in the moment so that the conversation is just an extension of her thoughts.  If what you say is an extension of her thoughts, she won’t even realize what’s happening.  She won’t have her defenses up, and by doing this you will be bonding with her about the things she’s already thinking.

The third, and most important, thing that makes the attraction meter go up instead of down, is to listen and to react to what she is saying.  In my earlier example, I talked about two women and how they have a conversation.  Women start on a subject and then go deeper into it, creating a bond between them.  That is the exact type of bond you need to create with a woman in order to cause the attraction to rise instead of fall.

Most guys when they approach a woman, create a whole new feeling, thought and conversation.  Take, for example, a woman who might be eating a peach at a farmer’s market.  A typical guy will walk over and ask her a question about the weather, instead of picking the obvious thing like I’m about to show you.

Let’s take the peach example.  You see a woman eating a juicy peach at a farmer’s market.  So how do you come across as the confident male instead of the bumbling guy that has nothing to say?  The first step you’ve already done, i.e., observed what she’s doing.  The second step is to walk over immediately.  Walk over with authority and confidence.  When you approach her, be playful and say:

Man:   “That looks great.  Can I have a bite?”

Woman: “I don’t know . . . I don’t know if I’m in the mood to share today.”

Man:  “What, you don’t like to share?”

Woman: “I love to share, but I don’t even know you.”

Man:  “What do you need to know in order for me to get a bite of that peach?”

Woman: “Well, we could start with your name.”

Man:  “So all I need to do is tell you my name, and I’ll get a bite of that peach?”

Woman: “Maybe  . . .”

Man:  “I’ll tell you what.  Take me to where you got that peach and I’ll get my own.    Then we’ll compare and see who got the better peach.  We’ll go bite for bite.”

Woman: “You’re on . . .I’ll go bite for bite.  I believe in my peach.”

Man:  “What else do you believe in?”

At this point you’ve now segued away from the peach, and opened the door to her sharing her thoughts with you.  You’ve also been very playful and you’ve challenged her.  You’ve turned a simple approach into a fun game.  Plus the game was all about something she was already doing.  Most men fail to create attraction because they talk in random thoughts, which is not “woman talk.”  I have found that the only way to build attraction in a woman is to bond with her in the moment and jump inside her head.

Don’t believe me….. So you have to understand, to meet the most amazing women everyday and have them desire you, you have to connect with them on a higher level than you ever have before.  It’s not about what to say it is how you approach and how to say it!!


Talk to you soon.



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Dating Women Tips – How To Meet Attract Talk To And Pick Up Women

November 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Dating Women Tips – How To Meet Attract Talk To And Pick Up Women


Subject: Before he changes his mind…

I’m about to share something with you.

This is something you CAN NOT find anywhere.

So, you’ve got to make me a promise.

You’ve got to promise not to share what you’re about to read with anybody else or post it anywhere on the Internet.

The reason why I don’t want you to pass this around is because my friend, David W.—the nation’s leading dating expert and inspiration for the movie Hitch—recorded a session with a group of women who share their most intimate moments and they asked him NOT to give this out to the general public.

David wanted to create a product where women confess their sex, dating, and relationship thoughts—but only offer it to a small group of men.

So he gathered a group of sexy women. They were very excited.

They said “If we could tell men exactly what we want, then maybe men wouldn’t be using stupid lines; maybe men would know how to give it to us in bed; and just maybe men would know how to date us.”

So, David took his recorder out and started recording these women confess everything.

I’ve listened to it and it’s amazing. They talk about all their little secrets – dirty secrets, naughty secrets, sexual secrets, and emotional secrets.

Everything that women want from men is mentioned here – you’ve got to listen!

But, before you go down below and listen, you have to promise me that you will not share this with anybody else. The women started questioning if people would find out who they were. And David promised them that he wouldn’t put this out to the general public, but only to those on my subscriber list and his repeat customers.

So hurry, before he changes his mind!

Click Here To See What Women Say

Talk to you soon,



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