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Pick Up Lines – How to Avoid Being Cock-Block​ed

December 12, 2012 Leave a comment

Pick Up Lines – How to Avoid Being Cock-Block​ed


How many times have you gone to a bar, seen a great looking girl, and came up with something clever to say.

You huddle up with one of your buddies. He gives you a pep talk.

You text another friend. He tells you that you’re the man.

So you walk over, you’re feeling positive, you’re feeling great, you’ve got a smile on your face.

You open her up.

She responds.

She starts laughing.

The conversation flows, and everything seems to be going great…

But then, all of a sudden, another guy comes over and cockblocks you.

Sure enough, no matter how great the conversation was, he found a way to take it over.

You see, the guys that cockblock are assholes.

They do it because it’s a challenge to them. They’re not really interested in the women altogether, they just see another guy there and they want to win.

It’s almost like that guy that would tease you when you were a kid just to do it to make himself look bigger.

They’re bullies, and they’re bullies from the day that they were born.

So how do you out-bully a bully?

How do you get rid of the cockblocker?

How do you make the cockblocker run away with his balls in his hand and the woman feeling like she’s with the right guy?

It’s simple. It’s easy, and it’s all in here:

Good day,



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Learn How To Attract Approach Talk To Pick Up And Date Women

November 19, 2012 1 comment

Learn How To Attract Approach Talk To Pick Up And Date Women


Subject: Would You Rather Master Communicate OR Masturbate

My friend David W.—the nation’s leading dating expert and inspiration for the movie Hitch—has a lot to say about masturbation.

He says that the majority of us masturbate and the minority of us master communicate.

Let me explain the difference.

Master communicators are men and women that can actually walk into any room, anywhere, and find something quick and easy to talk about.

Master communicators are people that actually listen to what a woman says.

Master communicators are so present in the moment, that no matter where they are, they can segue a conversation out of the opener.

Master communicators get dates.

Master communicators get laid.

And master communicators are the minority of men out there. That’s why they get all the women.

It doesn’t matter what you look like, as long as you can talk, listen, and really respond to women, you can be a master communicator. It doesn’t matter what you look like because you’re in the minority.

Master communicators are the men that women desire.

Most men are masturbators.

They are men that are constantly thinking about what to say; men that are constantly re-creating scenes in their head, re-creating moments that never existed.

Masturbators are usually home alone on a Saturday night, jerking off into a towel, or maybe into a pair of underwear.

Masturbators are always wishing, and wondering why they can’t meet women.

Who would you rather be – a master communicator, or a chronic masturbator?

Here’s David secret to why women are attracted to master communicators, and turned off by masturbators!

Talk to you soon,



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