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Flirting – How to Pick Up Women By Being Bold

December 28, 2012 Leave a comment

Flirting – How to Pick Up Women By Being Bold


You often find yourself INVISIBLE to the really HOT women you desire.

They don’t notice what you’ve really got.

You can’t break through.

You are just another guy walking up to say hi.

Just another face, another half-hearted attempt.  Zero excitement.

So they never see who you really are beneath the surface.

In fact, there are 5 MAKE OR BREAK MOMENTS where women sense whether you are “bold” and will make their life more exciting…

… or if you’re needy, insecure in any way, timid and boring.

With all the noise in the world today  you need to STARTLE a woman into taking notice of you.

… and have FUN doing it.

Recent studies show that being bold is the 1# attractor for women.

She will love your for it. And you will feel free, powerful and more attractive to women than you ever have.

Bold means unpredictable.

Bold means risk-taking.

Bold means having a “sovereign self.”

If you’re not BOLD,  you don’t get her excited about you.

If you’re not BOLD, you’re not electrifying beautiful woman.

Which is a WASTE.

Boldness awakens the primal desires of women.

You need these skills.  And you need them sharp and up to date.